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Thunder Serge Ibaka out for playoffs

在 05-14-2017, 3:59 PM 由 alicechan11 發表.第 4 篇回覆.
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  •  05-17-2014, 1:01 PM 478390

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    Thunder Serge Ibaka out for playoffs

    Thunder Serge Ibaka out for playoffs

    The Oklahoma City Thunder will not begin their Western Conference finals showdown with the

    San Antonio Spurs at anywhere close to full strength.

    Thunder power forward Serge Ibaka is expected to miss the rest of the postseason after suffering a

    left calf injury in Oklahoma City's series-clinching win Thursday night against the Los Angeles Clippers,

    the team announced Friday.


    Thunder general manager Sam Presti called it a Grade 2 strain of the plantaris, which takes time to heal

    and strengthen because of a high reinjury rate. "I just want to express our disappointment for Serge, who,

    as we all know, is an elite competitor and someone

    that has proven to be a tremendous teammate," Presti said. "He was playing great basketball throughout

    the season. He's had a huge impact on our season to date."

    Presti said in a conference call with reporters that Ibaka is unlikely to return even if the Thunder make it

    past the Spurs.10 power forward underwent an MRI on Friday after suffering the injury in the

    third quarter of Thursday night's win.

    Last year, Thunder All-Star point guard Russell Westbrook was knocked out of the playoffs with a torn

    ACL in the first round against Houston. The Thunder rallied to win that series before losing to Memphis

    in the next round.

    Presti believes the Thunder can rally and be ready for the Spurs.

    "We have had this group together for a while, and they've been through some ups and downs, and this

    is just another one that hopefully is only going to make us better," Presti said.

    Ibaka averaged 12.2 points, 7.3 rebounds and 2.2 blocks in 13 playoff games. During the regular season,

    he notched career highs with 15.1 points and 8.8 rebounds per game while leading the league in total blocks

    for the fourth consecutive season with 219.


    During his emotional MVP acceptance speech, Kevin Durant singled out Ibaka for stepping up and erasing

    many of the team's mistakes while Westbrook recovered from his most recent knee surgery. While Westbrook

    was out, the Thunder 7, and Ibaka's numbers jumped to 15.7 points, 8.5 rebounds and 2.8 blocks per

    game with 57 percent shooting from the field.

    "For us, we as an organization have been in some situations in the past, and how we respond to those has

    always been the measure of the teams that we've had in Oklahoma City," Presti said. "Our expectation going

    forward is that we'll respond admirably."

    The Spurs will open the series at home Monday in Game 1 with health concerns of their own, as star guard Tony

    Parker continues to recover from a hamstring strain. But coach Gregg Popovich said Friday that Parker is hopeful

    of being ready for the opener, whereas Oklahoma City will greatly miss Ibaka, its interior defensive anchor.

    Oklahoma City swept its four regular-season meetings with the Spurs, who went 62-16 against the rest of the league

    for the NBA's best record this season.




    Ibaka不能打 , 可以考慮把Butler拉上來打先發, 這樣可能可以解放雷霆的進攻火力!!! 

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    Re: Thunder Serge Ibaka out for playoffs



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    Re: Thunder Serge Ibaka out for playoffs


    Ibaka不能打 , 可以考慮把Butler拉上來打先發, 這樣可能可以解放雷霆的進攻火力!!! 



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    Re: Thunder Serge Ibaka out for playoffs



    再加上K.Perkins, 雷霆的內線應該還是得靠這三人扛下

    一直打不出名堂的H.Thabeet不知S.Brooks敢不敢用..??( 應該還是起不了什麼作用吧 )




    GO.....Houston Rockets,I am a Rockets fan forever
  •  05-14-2017, 3:59 PM 510581 in reply to 478392

    Re: Thunder Serge Ibaka out for playoffs






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